A balanced approach to Men’s Health.

During my days when I am not with patients I listen to the radio.  Much of my day it is talk radio, getting the latest news and opinion about what is going on in the country and world at large.  I must be the target audience for these channels I listen to as many of the commercials are seemingly targeted toward men over 40.  The commercial breaks are far to frequent and usually selling investments, Gold, home security, maybe a car ad but often they are commercials with a retired athlete or sexual health expert trying to sell medications that “boost testosterone”.  They use some language to psychologically hit on many levels.  “Handy in the gym and the bedroom…” “She’ll like it too” “If the results are to strong please decrease use, think of your partner…”  There is a commercial I (almost) like on that says 52% have experienced ED but 0% like talking about it.  I can understand how that can be true.

Well it is good to know we have options.  I would like to present some other thoughts.  Traditionally Chinese Medicine has been used to treat symptoms and conditions of male (and female) aging.  The down side of many of these types of solutions is they actually make the underlying problem worse, like burning the candle at both ends and the middle.  The goal and beauty of TCM is it is done in a balanced way to ensure overall balance, not just ones ability to “perform in the bedroom”.  I was still in clinical portion of school when I treated my first man with this type of concern, I remember him being very uncomfortable, and to be honest I was not at particularly ease at the time either.  This subject matter is very deep to men’s physiological being and important to talk about and get the help that is available.


Men’s yang energy naturally decreases over time, not the most encouraging thing to think about but it is natural and explained in the classics as are many other life cycles.  Clinically We will talk about rest, activity, diet, among other aspects of men’s health to determine what areas are out of balance.  We will talk about Yin and Yang and work to find ways to tonify, conserve, balance and rebuild the energy.  Often herbal formulas are prescribed that can help boost the energy.  The results are gentle and uplifting, no need to worry about throwing other things off balance.

As I think about this I found this link… too funny.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7voPx_U5EM  If you don’t want to talk about this (or even if you do) we at Young for Life acupuncture would be very happy to discuss how we can help.