Walnuts (11/19/18)

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine: Walnuts are warming in their thermal nature, have a sweet flavor and can reduce inflammation and alleviate pain (due to their omega 3 content 5% of its total oil content) they also moisten the lungs, helping to relieve coughing and wheezing (accompanied by chills and watery mucus) and moisten the intestines, helping with constipation from dryness.  They nourish the kidney-adrenals and brain.  And may be helpful for low back and knee pain.  

I mention this as we approach the holidays and it is cold outside it can be helpful to warm the body, and relieve some inflammation and moisten dryness may help give our skin a healthy glow for the holiday photos…

{this information is not intended to treat anything but offered for informational/ educational purposes.  If you have issues or questions we are happy to discuss them with you and see if this would be appropriate or how we can help}