The New Year…Detoxing…?

January 18, 2019, we are underway with the New Year and this is late in coming.

During the break I used the time to update the fung shui adjustments and do some cleaning in my home and office.  (I hear Marie Kundo has some episodes on Netflix… you could watch it if it brings you joy…) In this cleaning I organized things that have gotten a bit more chaotic over the past couple years, or that I have been putting off.  Items that were no longer serving a purpose for me (or bringing me joy) went in a box for sharing/donating, or were simply thrown away if they were beyond their serviceable life.  When you are at the Clinic/Dojo, you will find a box again this year, a box that contains items for sharing. We did this a couple years ago, extra items that are not serving at this time are presented for others to look through.  There are several uniforms and separates if you need, or t-shirts, some yoga supplies, books and miscellaneous items.  You are welcome to take what you can use (for any purpose) or leave things that could be used by others that come through our space.  During or after the Chinese New Year in February the box will be taken and donated.

Often this time of the year people discuss resolutions.  (I prefer to discuss intentions and goals, but more on this at another time) and that often revolves around weight loss, workout and even “detoxing”.  Often in clinic these things come up.  Most relevantly to this writing is the detoxing.  My answer about detoxing is that if we support the body systems they will eliminate properly.  Now it is possible to use purgative herbs to get the body to release things, but they usually are draining to the body.  If things are working properly we will have the energy complete body functions.  Often clinically we approach by examining the diet and eliminating things that cause some aspect of the issue.  For me I had to cut out fluid dairy.  My joint pain, and various nodules disappeared and my energy increased.  I have tried several detox programs, many that are a bit harsh.  Some involve fasting in some way but my favorite and I believe clinically the most effective to be elimination.  I usually eliminate the intake of certain things and will watch some of the issues change while supporting the body.  This has been effective at different points in clearing up skin, easing joint discomfort improving sleep and digestion.

{this information is not intended to treat anything but offered for informational/ educational purposes.  If you have issues or questions we are happy to discuss them with you and see if this would be appropriate or how we can help}