October 15 two (more) years

October 15, 2019

The story of Young for Life began in 2003 when I began giving Massages during my schooling.  Shortly after that time I enrolled in an herbal program then Acupuncture school and received my masters degree in traditional Chinese medicine.  In the time since giving my first massage under the Young for life brand I worked a year in a Day spa, gym, Physical therapist office and a stint in chiropractic office before being hired at the local hospital in physical rehabilitation.  During the 8 years working in the hospital setting I grew the massage program in various ways (including hiring the great Angela Rose) as well as proposed, began, promoted and grew and sustained the acupuncture program.  In 2017 the greater umbrella of the hospital system decreed that they would no longer support massage services in this region.  That cut took effect two years ago today causing me to return to private practice moving all my services into the Young for Life brand.


I have been consistent in offering high quality massage, tai chi and yoga in this area since 2003, and acupuncture since 2012.  These services have been offered without interruption in various settings through the Menomonie community.  During that time at least 5 acupuncturists and countless massage therapists have come and gone.  One person who has come into my care multiple times made a comment once.  He said he lives in different parts of the country but returns here where he grew up but I was the most consistent thing in his (and his kids) life.  Now at the time I did not understand the impact of this but I am honored.   One thing is sure I am grateful for the community that has sustained me in this practice.