July 2023

Good July To you all!  I hope the Independence Day holiday found you with some good family time wonderful memories and that we are safely on the other side.  Summer has officially begun, the heat is now in full summer effect.

On my time out on the fourth I like to “measure” the corn in the fields around the area.  The old saying “knee high by the fourth of July”.  According to my observations this weekend corn is doing well-in areas where it has been watered.  Other areas were looked a bit more anemic. The saying “the grass is greenest where we water it” is applicable in a lot of areas of life.  We feel the best when we tend to (Water) the areas of our life and health that are needed.  Sometimes that is dealing with the pain so we can enjoy activity again. Other times it is talking to someone to deal with the anxiety.  In financial areas we may need to make a plan to create a specific outcome.  We tend to the area and find green grass as it were.  Our health is best when we tend to it, create a plan to feel better.  If you are looking to take steps on that plan it would be my honor to be a part of your plan, to assist in tending to your health needs.