Hello World…

Hello friends.

It would seem that I have come to, or more accurately continue to be sitting at, a crossroads professionally.  Having the unique opportunity to continue to wait for Acupuncture to become more mainstream and return to the full time employment with a major medical system to get on board with this therapy.

For the past 5 years I have been employed doing this work in the local hospital in the rehabilitation department, a program I proposed wrote three grants to fund proved it was financially viable and grew the practice.  With the financial state of the enterprise in 2017 My hours were reduced and I returned to private practice.  The possibility to go fully in to the medical setting offers some advantages not just to me as a provider but I believe it has some advantages to patients and does the profession good as well.

Now with that said after several months of making my way mostly in self-employment there are several advantages to me as a person and provider.  In meeting with a couple of great career counselors in November the question was asked “What do you want?” At the time I could not answer other than to say what I had built I felt the best way I could use my skills.

But enough about my struggle, here is why I am motivated to write this message.  As I mull over the advantages of one over the other I have begun looking at the additional programs I offer or have been instrumental in (Menomonie Goju ryu Karate dojo; Kobudo; Yoga and Tai Chi offerings for community) It is important to me that these programs can continue and would like to see them expand in to different ways of affecting people.  Last year the state of the building that has houses the karate dojo became less open ended.  I began worrying about how this can continue and got somewhat discouraged in looking at the reality at the time.  The dojo has been a volunteer venture for us and benefits from the largess of my family owning the building.  We are not paid and the money that we take in goes to ensuring we have equipment on hand, paying some fees for national membership and covers some of the costs for the continued functioning of the dojo.  In looking at what it will take to support space we are left with several possibilities… We could focus on growing the numbers in the dojo, or (most likely AND) raising prices significantly to support space that could be dedicated to Karate classes.  This option is I believe not ideal.  Yes we want more participants because the classes are more fun and beneficial.  We could or should likely charge more for our programs but that will need more examination.  But it is an inefficient use of the space.

My excitement grew as I began thinking about and looking at the possibility of having my clinic included with adequate space for the dojo, similar to the way we have it now.  Perhaps on a bit more appropriate scale for each… Around 2500 Square feet for classes preferably with a ceiling height of 9 feet 10 would be better or higher, and at least four rooms for treatment minimally 12’X10′ each.  Why am I writing to you with these ideas and basic ramblings of a partially focused vision you ask?  This offers expanded possibilities for both.  This potential will allow for expanded class offerings of various sort, at different times of the day and perhaps it will create options for other people to step up and offer classes.  In past years we have had open dojo time, this is supervised time where the floor is open for practice that could be put in place for the times the space is open.

To make this happen over the next 18 months, I need focus on expanding my clinical practice so it will support the space needed in addition to my needs.  I am asking for help in finding the space, strategizing as for pricing structure and advertising opportunities and options to build both brands.