Grey Days of Fall…

With fall in full effect, we are here again. This time of year can be one that many people see more stresses and related things in life.  This of course can be attributed to holiday season stress working to meet obligations and expectations of family.   That surely can be difficult, but some of this is related to the changing of the season.

The grey days of November definitely did this to me during my days in university.  November was the worst month for me and I thought I enjoyed the lights of the Christmas season but this became an important part of my mood routine of the year.  As I learned more about traditional Medicines the cycles of the seasons became a guiding principle for my self-care regime throughout the year.  Yes the shortened days should guide us to turn inward, rest more going to bed earlier just like the sun.  For me foods are adjusted, less raw salads, more warm soups adding squashes which I was not a fan of when I was younger.  My exercise routine changes some through the year with more qi gong in the fall and winter months.

Through the study of traditional Chinese medicine we find that this also is not just something for the fall, but our choices can affect the seasons ahead as well, so more rest now can lead to a fruitful spring.

While we cannot help you with family obligations perhaps the seasonal and holiday stress can be improved here, call us to find out how.